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Monday, May 22, 2017

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Blue Dwarf star is Known by many names, such as The Blue Kachina a.k.a Nibiru/PlanetX, Nemesis, anunnaki, wormwood, Russians call it Comet ellenin, the destroyer..... Hope You enjoy this rare footage. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Video...
NIBIRU PLANET X ~ The BEST EVIDENCE to DATE ~ PREPARING FOR 2016! (A MUST SEE!) Nibiru Planet X footage clearly Visible. This dwarf star some claim is a planet Anunnaki where aliens reside apparently, not sure about all...



This amazing footage of Nibiru,or one of its moons,was filmed in California just a few hours ago.This footage is among some of the best...
Two suns clearly visible - Nibiru today Plnet X Update. www.Nibirutoday.comvideo

Nibiru Footage. Must See! Thanks to member of our NibiruToday Facebook Community. lets keep the videos coming in. Share your thoughts with us. Planet...

Been Now Visible all over the world. MUST SEE! Planet X, Nibiru, Planet 7X, Wormwood, Nemesis.. 9:25pm SF, California.

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