BREAKING NEWS! RED ALERT!!! NIBIRU PLANET-X is coming for 2016!! Russia has Been warning us ever since 2012, they don’t hide it.
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Russia has Been warning us ever since 2012, they don’t hide it.

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  • Nice music! what’s the title? Dude .. i liked more to see your beautiful cotruny than spend time on that nibiru planet x crap.. if the world will end ,there’s nothing we can do about it. why not just enjoy the time we have on this battered wasted planet of ours ,, Man destroyed this planet by its greed and love for money. if some will be spared i wish it would be the GOOD people who are left and not the Assholes! thanks Jason

  • Alex

    The planet x thing is long dead. Sure it’s a probability of that happening, but it’s not from old texts, or lizards.

  • Cecilia

    He does exist<3 I not you not see then:-)try looks up the Sky

  • Anne

    Well, luckily we will surviuve!

  • Anonymous

    Space douches

  • Anonymous

    No mention in al quran…
    sun will apear from west at the end of the world

  • P

    I’m confused. I thought it said the planet came by in 2012 or 2014, yet here you all are talking about it. Has it come by or not?